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Cindertoella Story

CindertoElla originated from the idea to enhance and complete the beauty of the woman, with our handpicked, curated selection of jewellery. 

We believe that jewellery plays an important part as an accentuation for the modern woman on their everyday look basis outfit, for all occasions.

The founder, JW, prior to this she was working in a commercial airline as a flight attendant. After 5 years of flying life she wanted to venture into her own business. What drove her into jewellery line is the passion of loving the jewellery wherever she has travelled. In every country she has travelled by she never failed to get herself to find all the beautiful idea of jewellery. And what kickstart to Cindertoella is to source all unique yet precious piece of jewellery from around the world.

The opportunity of travelling around has given her a chance to open the insight of different jewellery designs around the world. Meeting different people & cultural impact has definitely give an open eye of learning and designing the jewellery, what she has always wanted to do since young age.

Let’s express yourself through our jewellery, express to your precious one as a gift!


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